inspired from "Sou " the Calligraphy by Kohey Okamoto
Silver & 18K Gold,diamond

inspired from "Tora-zu", the painting by Ganku
Silver & 18K Gold, Citrine

(Avalokitesvara as a merciful mother)
inspired from ‘HIBO KANNON-ZU’, the painting by Hogai Kano



inspired from "Dokuro-zu", the ukiyo e by Kyosai Kawanabe.
Silver & 18K Gold, White Sapphire, Black diamon



inspired from "OH-WASHI", the painting by Hogai Kano
Silver, Brown diamond, White Sapphir

Bodhisattvas, Saints, Bliss, transformation
When you are meditating Buddha, was attacked by violent storms.
However, Buddha is not the quiet meditation and prayer continued in under the tree.
There the snake(Narda)Appeared in a larger, longer fuselage cronies in the seven Buddha, is also a big umbrella, defended the Buddha Buddha heads at the head of the seven.
After that snake could become human.

This symbol jewelry is designed based on this legend.
Also Buddha's face is full of Gandhara art in a rich and friendly aura.

Charm and beauty
One twist pendant head of Venus de Milo.

In ancient Greece, called any name that means "born from the foam" Aphrodite.
It is thought was born, Aphrodite is mixed with water and air.
Water the female symbol of femininity.
Air man is a symbol of femininity.
Is Venus has the power of the combination of the 2.
It is a symbol of the goddess beautiful and strong.

Savings consolidation wealth to the soul
This fin coins are made in the currency of the country of the fictional concept.
Coin is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, fame and success.
It is a message that fin that prayer is to accumulate savings.
This pendant is built by these two iconic.
1Always pray PRAY once we even saved prayer in heaven.
Praying to the heavens making goods. Gassho-zukuri is one of two that in also.
I.e. There is consolidation.

Love and creation
This pendant is designed to first lady akie Abe.

Akie Abe's initial has a motif in a a there.

are arranged as seen from further down in the Sun and the Moon, a mark of the heart looks like.
Akie Mr. will is the intention is using the thing wanted to continue spreading love.
Represents the creation, the Sun and the Moon, and the heart represents love.
So that would mean the creation of love match two.


Good luck brought by the beautiful mind
Pendant with twist character calligraphic traditions of Japan in mind, depending on the angle looks like high heels too.
Its meaning is the heart of the hero of the story Cinderella Cinderella.

After that story of Cinderella stories do you know?
Cinderella is not mean simply the lucky Prince met and were married.
Great Cinderella is then, so forgive a wicked stepmother and sister, introduce a person a lovely sister who went to friends living together.
Just lucky and want empathy Cinderella positive form precisely.
In the mind of Cinderella, with messages like this.