2017Year September

Two-dimensional art works

It is art used geometric shapes and characters in the Edo period.
Okamoto Kohei teacher workshop joined earlier this month could have a different point of view!

Ruby blooms with flowers

Symbol art j jewellery customer creations
"Ruby bloom with flowers.

Help to make the human mind alone flowers look genuine even jewelry!
Always give yourself just increases the tension.
We manufacture using Ruby, this time in the hope of your flowers.
Yellow gem is called citrine jewelry. Designed to the vase.

18 K
Diamonds and
Symbol art j jewelry NEWS
Is the discovery of the modern calligrapher Okamoto Kohei, to jewelry,

The goddess's lips

Symbol art j jewellery customer creations
"Lips of the statue" Lips of the Venus

Nice work, as on the lips of rhodolite Garnet jewelry has been born!

But we have plenty of time..

Under the Crimson lips with flower jewelry??

Women are always attractive.

And always be aware that the
Become more attractive, powerful presence!

It's always the thing to remember is symbol j jewelry.

Rhodolite Garnet, Pink Sapphire,
18 K Gold parts.
Symbol concept KOIDE Naoko
Jewelry design Koide, Michio